A 90's kid that lives everyday like it's recess, rapper Brotha CJ brings an adventurous spirit to the hip-hop world. Packing bittersweet stories and colorful rhymes into his lyrical lunchbox, the New Jersey born emcee is in a league of his own.
Brotha CJ left the States to move to the Spanish capital, Madrid, in 2012, where he quickly began working with some of Madrid's top producers and DJ’s including: Mumbai Moon and Miqui Brightside. Since then he has released several successful singles and his first EP Everybody Eats. He has found himself featured on top Spotify-curated playlists, such as Fresh Finds and Mellowbars, but it is on stage where his music truly comes to life.















Brotha CJ is backed by his band The Othahood: a name which signifies the gap between adulthood and childhood. Their collective style rapidly shifts from hip-hop to alternative-soul with influences ranging from N.E.R.D. to Chance the Rapper. Whether he plays with a DJ, a guitar, or his high-energy band; his audience leaves his concerts craving more. He has played sold-out shows in some of Madrid’s most prominent venues, including Sala Clamores and Sala Siroco. Brotha CJ and the Othahood have also participated in some of Madrid’s most noteworthy festivals, including San Isidro, DCODE Fest, and Madrid es Negro. In 2020 he is expected to release his second solo EP and first band EP with the Othahood.

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